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There is always room for change and growth. Sometimes we feel like we’ve reached the limits of our potential, and yet there’s always room for change and growth. Within the space field, innovation is one of those tools that is enabling the progression of the field. While this article is by no means exhaustive, the […] Read more

One of our modern engineering marvels is the Falcon Rocket. While relatively small at almost 65 feet, this partially reusable rocket is the key to our sustainable space flight future. There is always an evolution in any field, and the rocket industry certainly learned its lessons after the era of the Space Shuttle. In a […] Read more

Many fields experience stable operations over a series of years, even a decade, but the aerospace industry is definitely seeing its own share of changes as the time progresses. From the space perspective, the past few decades have seen new entrants to the market, as well as new advances in technology and the emergence of […] Read more

The process of delivering large scale processes such as Aerospace Objectives in the Space Sector is one that requires a lot of project management and supply chain coordination. When it comes to project management of space related projects, it is very important to ensure that process is clear. Every step of the way must be […] Read more

Every sector of operation in the current global climate is impacted by digital disruption. The aerospace sector, with a focus on space exploration and its associated technologies is no different from any other sector. With the advances in technology, there are several new technologies that are expected to have a disruptive impact on the space […] Read more

Yes, it is rocket science. With the advent of computing, the challenge of calculations are not our limit any more. What is key to our operations is the fact that we are able to design, then build a rocket engine that is not only powerful, but efficient. The rocket is the powerhouse of the space […] Read more

The way of the world is via change and growth. As industrial facilities become smarter and understand the weaknesses in their supply chains, and the impact of the external environment on their profits, it is very important for organizations to ensure that they are prepared for both future booms and also any downturns. With the […] Read more

In 2020, there’s never been a better time to be a CEO of an industrial company. In a world where everything felt somewhat seamless approximately eight months ago, we are now being met with rapid changes that are here to test the leadership potential of the world’s greatest leaders. Transformation is now the order of […] Read more

2020 is an amazing year. The year of unpredictability in almost every sphere. But in all instances, as a species, we really can’t allow ourselves to stop working on our dreams and our visions. What if you’re an industrial start up in 2020? What will be the scenarios that you will have to face in […] Read more

In the new manufacturing world, data and AI will rule. Technology is making industrial waves in ways that we never anticipated before. From advanced robotics, computer vision, to lights out manufacturing, technology is the wave of the industrial future. Technology is definitely making an impact on every step of the industrial manufacturing process. Where we […] Read more

The beauty of Industry 4.0 is the fact that process tools are all interconnected. The underlying framework that makes interconnection possible is the advent of technologies like WiFi technology, that allows information to be transmitted through the ethers of our universe. While this is important for the process monitoring, there is also an underlying vulnerability […] Read more

“The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.” – Bill Gates As the new millennium unfolds, the industrial spend on robotics will continue to escalate over the […] Read more