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LEAN Engineering is a work philosophy, based on people, that defines the way to improve and optimize a production system focusing on identifying and eliminate all kinds of “waste”, defined these as those processes or activities that use more resources than strictly necessary. Identify several types of “waste” that are observed in production: overproduction, time […] Read more

Z-SCORE BACKGROUND In any normal process operation, there will be a natural variation of data points around a central or mean value. In control and capable processes, usually have their data points varying within a tightly controlled upper and lower limit range about a pre-identified process mean, based on design calculations. If data points trend […] Read more

In an era where customers have more choices, it is important to an organization to ensure maximum efficiency in its operations. Any losses in service or product delivery can and will affect final product cost and business profitability. The key to success therefore, is to minimize any wastage in the supply chain from supplier to […] Read more

Based on the Execution Premium methodology of Kaplan and Norton, a comprehensive and integrated management system is formulated that explicitly relates the formulation and planning of the strategy. We can refer to Form 1. Aligning the organization with the Strategy To capture the full benefits of an organization with multiple businesses and functions, executives should […] Read more

Special Cause Variation, is a process anomaly that is induced by an unpredictable event. The image above depicts a Gaussian distribution, which depicts a natural distribution of points about a mean. When a process is operating normally, the curve above is the anticipated distribution of any critical process parameter that is under control. When process […] Read more

As businesses evolve, one of the inherent challenges that organizations will face is that of continuous improvement and change. With new industry standards continuously being developed, change is the only constant.   Managers of any business in the service or manufacturing industry will be faced with this critical and central business function of change. The […] Read more

Process Variation Analysis is the lifeblood of Lean Six Sigma analysis. The whole aim of the game is to ensure that our process systems, whether they are service oriented or product oriented, are in control and capable. If there are any deviations from a preset process design value, then corrective action should be taken to […] Read more

As human beings and organizations, we are all on a continuous quest to better ourselves. Perfection is a standard that we all seek. Alas, there is no perfection on a day to day basis, but overtime, a suitable average standard can be identified. This is the nature of process control. In the quality realm, the […] Read more

Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit. – Aristotle Healthy competition in an industry is always to be welcomed. From an economic perspective, customers know that they have options that will supply them their desired product or service, at the quality and price that they desire. Companies cannot afford to be complacent, or […] Read more

In an era where customers have more choices, it is important to an organization to ensure maximum efficiency in its operations. A holistic view of process operations helps to facilitate any relevant process improvement efforts. In the Lean Cycle, the aim is always to flow via the relevant cycles such Plan-Do-Check and Act, in order […] Read more

In an organization, the favorable combination of physical and human factors influences the motivation, satisfaction and results of the staff. It also impacts other important aspects such as safety, productivity and quality. In this post we will go into some tools that make up LEAN Manufacturing: The 5S’s This is a methodology that gives special […] Read more

In our previous post, we talked about what the Kanban tool is and how kanban boards could be used for tracking of activities and projects. We also talked about how we could establish a couple of very simple indicators that would allow us evaluating the amount of work we do (Achievement) and how much of […] Read more