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Over-Analyzing and Business Gridlock Starting something–it can be the hardest thing to do. Just getting our feet off the ground to start a personal project or a business venture or an action inside a business can be scary. Fear of starting alone can lead to a paralyzing halt in progress of an organization. Let’s look […] Read the full article →

Measuring Processes for Stability and Ability to Meet Requirements As business processes are put into place and after they are in place, continued evaluation is recommended to determine the effectiveness of those processes. It is one thing to test in theory, but another to put processes “through the ringer” and see how well they do […] Read the full article →

Methods for Getting to the Root Cause of a Problem It is important to exercise the process of root-cause analysis–that is, when an issue in business occurs, to take the time to not only identify and fix the immediate issue but dig deep to find out why it happened in the first place. Six Sigma […] Read the full article →

Factorial Design of Experiments: A practical case study. Part 2 Continuation from Part 1… Last time, we talked a little bit about Design of Experiments (DoE), what it is, its main advantages and how it can help us for faster and improvement analysis of phenomena as well as gathering information to make the best possible […] Read the full article →

Statistically speaking, Design of Experiments (DoE) deals with planning, executing, analyzing, explaining and even predicting (by a mathematical model) the behavior of a phenomenon, after performing trials under controlled conditions. These trials evaluate: • All the variables immersed in the phenomenon (which in DoE, we will call factors). • Interactions, if any present, among factors. […] Read the full article →

What is DOCUMENTATION and WHY is it IMPORTANT? One of the keys to good housekeeping in the business arena is Quality Management System (QMS). Most companies were able to scale, expand and compete further and be successful because they understood and incorporated the essence of QMS. Quality Management Systems deals with several areas that need […] Read the full article →

The financial industry, like any other industry, is facing its own challenges, as new destructive technologies are challenging the day to day operations of banking facilities. With new technologies such as block chain technologies, peer to peer lending, new Bitcoin ICO’s being launched, the world is seeing a decentralized view of money, and how to […] Read the full article →

After gaining much success in the manufacturing sector, Lean has found widespread applications in benefiting the Healthcare sector. The primary intention of all Lean Operations is to minimize the resources needed to facilitate the accomplishments of a customer’s desires. This is facilitated via the Lean cycle, which carries an organization through its value stream, in […] Read the full article →

Lean Manufacturing methodology was started by Taiichi Ohno at 1950s under the name of Toyota Production System (TPS). It started after a visit of Eiji Toyoda to Ford’s facility located at Rouge (US). By that time, economic reconstruction of the countries that participated in World War Two evolved on different ways: meanwhile US required of […] Read the full article →

The Lean production system has gained a tremendous amount of success in its originating sector – manufacturing. Realizing that other fields also have operational challenges, via best practice transfer, alternate sectors have started to adopt the methodology and improve their efficiency and turnaround time. From banks to hospitals to transportation centers, Lean is the way […] Read the full article →

This delivery intends to explain in a very simplistic way, with elementary mathematics what confidence intervals are, where they come from and how they are related to normal curve. So, I apologize in advance with pure statistician and mathematic guys, I hope you understand I do not use too many formal terms. Statistics we use […] Read the full article →

In the previous article, we commented about the basics of Lean-Sigma methodology and its relationship with the experimental scientific method, such as concepts for optimization of pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Today, we will discuss about a case study of optimization of a pharmaceutical manufacturing process using DMAIC. Today’s case study consisted of optimization of a wet […] Read the full article →