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Industry 4.0 is an industrial phenomena that is changing the manufacturing landscape in a multitude of technically inspired ways. One such way is via the utilization of Smart Sensor Technologies. As the advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) emerges in the manufacturing realm, industrial processes are now less human controlled, and more machine […] Read more

The Importance of Defining a Process for use During A3 Assessments The first step of performing an A3 Assessment not to find out how to perform an A3 Assessment.  The first step is to determine what you need to know in order to define the process that will be the focal point of the assessment? […] Read more

There is a lack of standardization within Knowledge Management framework across generational cohorts and functional disciplines within the Department of Defense (DoD). A knowledge framework is designed to provide an overall approach to a knowledge transfer process that can be evaluated as a whole over long periods of time, as well as specific elements that […] Read more

What is Lean Banking? Lean operations, as a concept, is a process analysis and improvement approach that aims at uncovering the bank’s ineffective, non-streamlined, and bottle-neck processes, and employing improvement tactics to decrease or eliminate these areas of the activity. This should result in decrease operational costs, increase in revenue, higher client retention and more. […] Read more

Often when making a point in an argument or drawing conclusions from data, the phrase “statistically significant” is tossed around. Rarely, if ever, is the justification for such significance expounded upon. Even in the cases where it is, there may not be a clear indication of what makes the finding statistically significant. Definition Significance is […] Read more

Creating and Working with a Kanban Board Using Jira Jira is a wonderfully versatile tool that can be used to track your Agile and Kanban initiatives. There can be a little bit of a learning curve to the software if you don’t typically use tracking software or are better acclimated with physical boards. For the […] Read more

Agile backlog optimisation – how to get the maximum from your agile sprint. For every orginisation who uses agile methodology for it’s development environment, the effective planning of an agile sprint and it’s corresponding backlog, is the very basis on which a successful agile development project is built. A well planned and well executed sprint […] Read more

Organizational Agility: What Makes an Organization Agile? Making organizations agile has become a new trend in the modern working world, with many organizations claiming they are agile, but falling horribly short. The goal with organizational agility should be more than just reacting to changes in the marketplace after they happen. The organization needs to be […] Read more

The Importance of Retrospective Meetings in Agile The Retrospective Meeting (or ceremony) is typically associated with Scrum and is one of the five Scrum events. The purpose of this Retrospective within Scrum is to inspect the prior Sprint and examine how well things went and identify those areas that could use some improvement. Many Scrum […] Read more

When the rut brings COMFORT A process improvement mindset is something that seems appealing to most people, right? Why would you want to do something the same way, over and over again, when you actually know a better way to get something accomplished, which, by the way, could save you time and be more productive? […] Read more

Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets are a useful tool for anyone in the process improvement field. Individuals and businesses that employ continuous practices aimed at reducing waste will inevitably increase productivity and financial gain.  In Lean Six-Sigma there are 8 wastes that can be reduced with the use of spreadsheets such as Excel or Google […] Read more

A product roadmap encompasses and elaborates the vision of the product which actually produces the product idea. The vision is a very important and significant factor which drives a great product to come into being in spite of not being a very mandatory or over discussed topic in agile framework.  The vision is a partially […] Read more