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Kaikaku is a philosophy more focused on the improvement of production through radical changes in the way of operating, ie reduce implementation time to increase the impact, this methodology as Kaizen has its origin in Toyota. Kaikaku comes from the Japanese radical change in a very specific and short period of time. It seeks to […] Read more

Disruptive Innovation Kakushin (new + revolution). It is translated as innovation and is used to describe those discoveries that allow changing the status quo of a business. Examples of kakushin are all those technological innovations that, at the time of their launch, change the rules of the market and inevitably lead to the previous technology […] Read more

The importance of quality in industry cannot be stressed enough. With increasing competition, as well as higher standards from the customer perspective, it is of the utmost importance for organizations to maintain consistent quality in their product or service delivery. Processes are not perfect, there will be various factors that influence the outcome of the […] Read more

The Project Management process is a cyclic process that involves the project development phases, resource allocation, and actual project completion activities. During the project completion aspects of the project management cycle, allocations are usually made for unexpected project delays. Knowing that there is no perfection, project managers ensure that the appropriate time allocation is available […] Read more

The PULL strategy or ASPIRATION strategy or TUG strategy is the New Age marketing scheme; that of the image, of the representation and, in a single word, that of the mark. If you are facing a solid brand you do not need to push sales because they arrive alone. They buy it because it has […] Read more

With form is increasing the computer projects in many of them we find problems of planning. The objectives of the product are emerging as the client realizes that he needs something new and the project is affected. This makes new methodologies emerging in other fields that give good results in the management of software projects. […] Read more

The Scrum Master (SM) or project facilitator, is the figure that leads the teams in the agile management of projects. Its mission is that the work teams reach their objectives until they reach the “final sprint” phase, eliminating any difficulties they may encounter along the way. In other words, the Scrum Master is responsible for […] Read more

The Heart of Scrum is a Sprint, is a preset interval during which it creates a usable, potentially deliverable product increment “Done or Finished”. Throughout the development there are consecutive Sprints of constant duration. In this post I wanted to detail five stages to consider for this tool is effective and successful in your projects […] Read more

The Taguchi Loss Function proposed by the Japanese quality expert Genichi Taguchi states that any deviation from the desired target value or specification results in a monetary loss to society. In this context, the Taguchi method is based on the hypothesis that the smaller the variation with respect to said target value (goal), the better […] Read more

Genrich Altshuller was the creator of the TRIZ method. A method known as Theory to Solve Inventive Problems. A suggestive formulation that contains the essence of this didactic pedagogy applied to the field of business. TRIZ, picks up a series of principles that ‘the person’ must learn by allowing him to analyze a problem, model […] Read more

The Cycle of Good Manufacturing Practice are applicable to the manufacturing operations of medicines, cosmetics, medical products, food and drugs, in their final forms of sale to the public including large-scale processes in hospitals and the preparation of supplies for the use of clinical trials for the case of the drugs. They are included within […] Read more

The Certified Scrum Master helps the project team in using Scrum, which increases the chances of the project being successful. The Certified Scrum Master has full knowledge of the principles, practices and standards for the Scrum application and gives the organization a level of knowledge and experience that goes beyond those of a traditional project […] Read more