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The key to all endeavors is to move in increments. Space is currently a new frontier for us, and the ability to reach Lower Earth Orbit, and actually fully occupy that realm for 20 continuous years is a feat that many of us never imagined that we would accomplish as humans. The building of the […] Read more

The Artemis Mission is one of NASA’s most ambitious endeavors to date. The Apollo missions of the late sixties to early seventies were a time of awe and wonder. The technology utilized during those times was unparalleled, and something to marvel at from a variety of perspectives. From the handful of missions that were flown […] Read more

Buzz Lightyear’s statement “ To Infinity and Beyond” is taking a life of its own. Essentially, since the conclusion of the Apollo mission to the moon, the United States has not returned since, for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, just because a project is on pause, doesn’t mean the intention to pursue it won’t manifest […] Read more

It takes a lot of effort to achieve any grand dream. 2020 as a year was a great one for NASA. As an organization, they are definitely the definition of resilience. As a multifaceted organization, NASA seamlessly accomplishes the challenging task of advancing the frontiers of science and technology in  human spaceflight. The way that […] Read more

The future of logistics is here and waiting to be deployed. Automation is the key to the establishment of a “connected supply chain”. As the current pandemic has taught us, we must be prepared for an autonomous future. With the potential for disruptions in the supplier and production networks due to any conditions from weather […] Read more

Organizations are always growing and changing. There are moments of boom, and there are moments like the pandemic where entire economies experience a standstill. One of the key ways to actually figure out how to remain in a thriving environment in an organisation, is to take the time to actually understand critical operating parameters. Some […] Read more

Industry 4.0 is the industrial revolution that all industrialists have been waiting for. As a tool that will optimize and transform the supply chain, organizations that know how to utilize their systems will be the ones who will benefit from the utilization of the technology in order to keep the production process in operation regardless […] Read more

The presence of competition in an industry is the key to operational improvement. Quality in industry cannot be stressed enough, as the driving force for organizational operations. With increasing competition, as well as higher standards from the customer perspective, it is of the utmost importance for organizations to maintain consistent quality in their product or […] Read more

As all aspects of an organization’s operations become increasingly more digital, it is important for an organization to ensure that embedded within its supply chain is a security consciousness. Organizations that do not include security into their operational strategies actually will be at risk of organizational cyber breaches. Many organizations in various sectors have experienced […] Read more

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruptions to the aerospace and defense industry. The aim for many corporations now is to figure out how to recover and thrive from these changes in their schedule. With the need to be able to navigate the changes, the ability for organizations to pivot in order to thrive will […] Read more

We live in an interesting world that is filled with stability, and the occasional surprise of external phenomena that are designed to induce change in our awareness and operations. External phenomena are becoming more and more prevalent with time. With time, we all realize that we are all prone to external weather phenomena such as […] Read more

The supply chain is a complex mechanism that often involves the utilization of goods and services that are sourced both locally and internationally. From an international perspective, it is important to note that many items may be shipped to a location from source countries such as China. Shipment of products often involves the utilization of […] Read more