Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The utmost level in the Six Sigma hierarchy is the Master Black Belt. Also known as MBB, this professional has achieved the maximum degree of certification and training in the whole Six Sigma process. Because of the extensive and comprehensive training, they have the ability to go to any company, regardless of the type of industry, whether sales, manufacturing or service, and be able to help improve the general operation of the business.

Being exposed to several business cases with their high level of proficiency and education, Master Black Belts are extremely sought after by many organizations regardless of the industry’s nature. With their ability to create and solve business problems, they serve as the air of a drowning company. Their ability to analyze and solve company crisis is a product of years of rigorous studies and training. These highly paid professionals are considered the most valuable employee of a company.

The skill to see any nature of business, even an industry that is not common to him and the capability to gather data or information to make the procedure more efficient, effective and profitable is what sets the Master Black Belt different from the other Six Sigma belt levels. These professionals have the aptitude to look at complicated processes and locate the areas that require improvement in a very short period.

To be a Master Black Belt, an individual must complete the training and certification which involves several things. First and foremost, any individual who wants to gain this high-status advancement must have productively completed the training and courses to become a Green Belt and Black Belt. The Master Black Belt training increases on skills and information that were studied during the lower belt stages and establishes new, more advanced information. The Master Black Belts will learn and put into practice a more complex method of systematic approaches such as Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA), and Design of Experiment (DOE).

Once certified, Master Black Belts dedicate almost one hundred percent of their attention to Six Sigma processes. They act as consultants to Black Belts, guides these professionals in decision-making and overseeing the project. They answer complex questions and provide suggestions or recommendations for modifying an existing plan. As an adviser, they can also  review proposed action items before implementing them. MBB also assist Champions and Executive Leaders and communicate with company heads or project sponsors.

One of the tasks of a Master Black Belt is to provide training for the Yellow, Green, and Black Belts. It is also their job to ensure that the Six Sigma course’s objectives and applications are reliable across the whole department and the whole company as well.

When engaged in a project, the Master Black Belt only deals with the Black Belt who is in-charge of the project and the company leader who hired him. This principle was based upon the teamwork atmosphere concept which states that “everyone must work together in order to reap the benefits of the process.”

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