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Exhaustive Search, Branch And Bound Method And Greedy Algorithm To Solve Machine Layout Problem Exhaustive search The following steps show that how exhaustive search can be used to find out the solution of machine layout problem. Step 1: Explore all possible paths in the tree using breadth first search. In our case all possible paths […] Read the full article →

Advantages of cellular manufacturing compared to traditional manufacturing by efficient layout design are depicted in figure 1 and explained as follows. Figure 1: Advantages of cellular manufacturing 1. Reduction in setup time Setup time is defined as period required preparing a device, machine, process or system to be ready to function or accept a job. […] Read the full article →

Three problems namely: cell formation problem, machine layout problem and cell layout problem require to be efficiently and optimally solved to implement cellular manufacturing system successfully. These problems shown in figure 1 are called cellular manufacturing system problems and are described as per the following. Figure 1: Cellular manufacturing system problems Cell formation problem: Solving […] Read the full article →

Group technology is a theory of management based on the principle that “similar things should be done similarly”. It can be applied to various administrative activities including activities involved in manufacturing. Frederick Taylor initiated group technology as a manufacturing philosophy in 1919 that uses the similarities of produced parts in order to create the factory […] Read the full article →

Agile in English means quick and well-coordinated in movement. Well, when it comes to the definition of being agile in the software industry, it is defined and understood in different ways by people playing various roles. A developer defines agile as a process that best handles the changing business requirements. A QA defines it as […] Read the full article →

Agile Manifesto is a popular software development method. In February 2001, 17 Software developers met at the Snowbird, Utah resort, to discuss about Software development method. Finally they published the light weight development methods. That is called Agile Software development. Some of the manifesto’s authors formed The Agile Alliance, a non-profit organization that promotes software […] Read the full article →

Acceptance testing is the activity that is performed by the representative of a development team and also performed by the client at his site. Acceptance test is a level of software testing process where a system is tested for its acceptability and conformance to requirements. The purpose of the acceptance test is to evaluate the […] Read the full article →

Binomial Outcome – The term indicates two possibilities. One out of a defined two outcomes is possible in a Binomial Experiment. Examples: Getting Head or Tail on flipping a coin; Scoring ‘Pass’ or ‘Fail’ marks in an examination Choosing ‘Male’ or ‘Female’ candidate Binomial Distribution is the distribution of the row of outcomes in a […] Read the full article →

Baseline Measurement or Base lining as it is shortly called is the process of establishing the starting point of any process/metric, from which the improvement or impact of any change measure is calculated. It is used to gauge how effective an improvement or change initiative is. Now, let us look at where and how a […] Read the full article →

Axiomatic Design is a design concept that was introduced by Nam Pyo Suh who works at MIT, United States. It proposes a systematic approach for the design of products, processes, components, software etc. It applies a scientific approach for designing products according to customer needs. The below are the two main concepts of Axiomatic Deign: […] Read the full article →

A3 Report One might wonder what A3 report is all about. A3 is an abbreviation of a difficult technical term? , Or another statistical method and reporting? , Or yet another tedious graphical tool or software? It would be surprising to now that A3 report is not any of the above, but a very simple […] Read the full article →

Alpha and Beta risks are the risks involved while conducting a statistical analysis with the help of Hypothesis testing. While estimating a value with Hypothesis testing, it is possible that two types of mistakes occur: Incorrectly deciding that the value is out of the predicted range (Rejecting a true hypothesis), and Incorrectly deciding that an […] Read the full article →